Chien Cane Corso Inez della corte degli olivi (Sans Affixe)

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military_tech Ses récompenses
16/11/08 Mostra Speciale Genova ( IT)
1EXC Youthclass & best Youth YCAC

26/10/08 Int. show Reggio Calabria (Italie)
1EXC youthclass & Best Youth YCAC

14/9/08 Raduno allevatori (holland)
1st Youtclass

30/8/08 Int show Rotterdam (holland)
1 EXC Youthclass YCAC

29/6/08 Uden
2nd Youthclass, 2nd Best female res CACIB

01/6/08 Show Torino 1 EXC Best Youth&Youth Female

12/5/08 Show Arnhem (Holland)
1st Best Puppy

12/4/08 Antwerpen (Belgium)
1st Puppyclass, Best puppy

29/3/08 Luxemburg
1st Puppyclass,2nd Best puppy of the show

9/12/07 Dogachtigenshow Den Bosch (Holland)
2nd Puppyclass ( 13 weeks old)
star_rate Ses résultats
3e best litter in show

6.12.2009 - Mollosser Show Holland

Ville : Den Bosch - Litter judgement - Juge : ?

Mother Inez and offsprings Caetano,Cirano and Carlita 3e place best litter overall on show in ring of honour.

Inez della corte degli olivi (Sans Affixe) - 1exc Best Youth Female & Best Youth YCAC
1exc Best Youth Female & Best Youth YCAC

10.1.2009 - International Dogshow Bergamo(I)

Ville : Bergamo (I) - International Dogshow Bergamo(I) - Juge : Francesco Balducci