Chien American Cocker Spaniel Am'easy Dream Am easy dream iceman

The Purity Of The Dream

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military_tech Ses récompenses
-CACIB Nevers 08/09/13 Very Promising Best Puppy of Breed at 6 months old

-CACIB Pontoise 29/09/13 Very promising BOB PUPPY

-CACIB Paris dog show 12/01/14: 1st Excellent and BOB JUNIOR at 10 months old
-CACS Bourges 16/02/14: 1st Excellent
-CACS Ne Spaniel Montluçon 15/03/14: 4eme ex
-CACS Biganos 27/07/14: CACS
-CACS CACIB Tarbes 16/11/14:CACS and RCACIB

-CACS Cressat 14/07/15:CACS and BOB

-RE Spaniel 18/06/16: 1 excellent
-CACS CACIB Toulouse 18/02/16: CACS and RCACIB
-CACS Vallères 22/06/16: CACS
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