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Cane Corso

Cane Corso - Demon

Publication : Rothorm Jy Dream


Allevatore: Mr. Luigi Di Rienzo

Thank you very much to Luigi for let me own the most wonderful Cane Corso I never owned. Demon was my dream made real. I am sure I will never will have a Cane Corso like him. We miss you a lot.

Demon "was killed" by his handler the 15/07/2005. Returning from the World Dog Show of Argentina the "handler" put him (with other dogs) inside a van completly close. It was 34º outside.... we and our vet has calcul that it was 60/70º inside. Demon died of a hot shock. He was putted there for a travel of 600km (Madrid to Barcelona). In the desesperation, he has broke his box.

It is necessary to be very sure about who is a handler (a person that will show your dog, but also will take care about him) and who is only a person who pretend to show dogs.

Les infos

Sexe mâle
Département Barcelone
Date de naissance 14/06/2002
Couleur Noir bringe. Breeder: Luigi Di Rienzo, Valle Dei Lord Kennels
Inscrit au Livre d'origine Oui
N° d'origine LIR
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Champion d' Espagne
Champion du Portugal